A call to action - Ervin Laszlo's upshift manifesto

In the World Upshift Forum, we ask you  to share your vision, or manifesto, for a World Upshifted, and how we can support you in bringing this to life. 

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Many of these visions have been brought together in a new publication called The Great Upshift, edited by Ervin and David Lorimer, and published by Light on Light Press, 2023.

Over the coming months, we will be sharing many of these visions starting with Ervin Laszlo.  

Ervin is a writer, systems theorist and humanitarian, twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and co-founder with of the World Upshift Movement. This is his vision for a World Upshifted.

Ervin Laszlo's Seven Point Upshift Manifesto 

1. We are nearly eight billion humans on the planet. Are we to be a community of eight billion humans living in peace and harmony, or will we be a set of eight billion stressed and depressed individuals fighting wars and facing intolerable conditions?  We are at a critical decision-point.  

2. Humanity’s descent into crises and chaos is not fated. We can upshift the way we evolve on Earth.  Every war and aggression, every climate catastrophe, every migrant emergency can reinforce our resolve to find our way to peace and harmony. 

3. The human community is awakening. A realization dawning among insightful individuals: we are not here by chance. Our consciousness-endowed species is not, and cannot have been, the merely result of a felicitous bend in a basically random twist of its evolution. There is a deeper purpose for humanity’s existence. 

4. This is not a randomly interacting universe. It is an evolving and evolution-generating cosmic quantum system. Under physically suitable conditions, it tends to create complex and coherent systems, and systems of systems. Humanity is a product of this evolution as it takes place on Earth. There is a force in nature that is behind our existence: the force of life. This is a universal impetus for creating complex and coherent systems — the systems we call conscious and living.  

5. Evolution took off in the universe 13,7 billion years ago in the aftermath of the Big Bang. It has been unfolding ever since. On Earth it has created a planetary web of living systems, endowed with various forms and levels of consciousness. We are part of this evolution.  If we align with it, we promote the integrity of our body and contribute to the advance of our consciousness. 

6. We have a choice before us, and it is real and may be nonrecurring.  It is to upshift toward higher forms of life and higher forms of consciousness. The thirty-five chapters of The Great Upshift offered by as many international thought leaders ample provide testimony that an upshift to peace and harmony is achievable on this planet, and show how we can achieve it.  

7. Upshifting to a peaceful and cooperative world is more than a wise choice of individual behavior and collective policy. It is the choice to live up to our cosmic mission — a sacred mission. It is humanity’s mission to safeguard and evolve life on Earth, and by this token to foster the advance of consciousness in the universe. 

 Ervin Laszlo 27 October 2023

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