Gianni Lodi

Gianni Lodi

Gianni has a degree in “Mechanical Engineering” and in “Social Service, Social Policies, Planning and Management of Services”. 

 He is co-founder of EI4SMART (design and start-up of “Smart Communities”), co-founder of Raise> Up (design of Eco-systems Regeneration) and Associate Partner of Duke & Kay (“Excellence in Management, Performance Improvement, Restructuring & Turnaround “). 

 Gianni, for more than thirty years he has managed various companies, in Italy and abroad, mainly in the Industrial and ICT Services sectors, covering various top positions, from Function Manager to General Manager and CEO.

 In addition to his managerial experience, Gianni has recently dedicated himself to the development of social innovation initiatives, with particular reference to the community welfare and to the collaborative social systems. 

In this sense, Gianni was co-founder of two Social Promotion Associations, including “The Laszlo Institute of the New Paradigm Research – APS” and President of AMeC – APS (Medicine and Complexity Association). 

Furthermore, Gianni was co-author of the book “H2H Human Revolution”, dedicated to the research for innovative socio-economic models. Regarding these subjects, Gianni has been a speaker at various conferences in Italy.