About us

The World Upshift Movement is a constellation of individuals and organisations who are working together to catalyse an upshift in humanity. 

We aim to promote an upshift in our awareness of the critical challenges facing humanity and the changes we need to make to embrace wider, more regenerative ways of living. 

The movement was co-founded by Ervin Laszlo and Roger Casale at a meeting at the Bhaktivedenta Education and Cultural Centre in Rome in November 2022. 

In February 2023,  we launched the World Upshift Forum, the collaborative space for incubating new upshift projects at a reception at the House of Lords in London.

In October 2023, we held out first Annual Upshift Conference in Lerici, Gulf of Poets, Italy.

In December 2023, we launched our call for a Worldwide Meditation for Peace from the Ananda Centre in Assisi.

In May 2024, we have been invited to co-host the Holomovement Wave, in Ibiza.

Individuals and organisations can join the World Upshift Movement and connect with the World Upshift Forum by completing our online membership form.

For more information, please email | welcome@worldupshift.org