Who we are

The World Upshift Movement was launched in Rome in November, 2022 to promote an upshift in our awareness of the critical challenges facing humanity and the changes we need to make to embrace wider, more regenerative ways of living. 

 In February 2023,  we set up the World Upshift Forum, a "feel-think-and-do" tank which will be the catalysing hub of the World Upshift Movement . The Forum is organised on a participatory basis, in accordance with the principles and practice of deliberative democracy including the use of online assemblies and regional forums.

Individuals and organisations can participate and partner with the World Upshift Movement and take part in the World Upshift Forum by completing our online membership form.

For more information | contact@worldupshift.org

Founding members

The World Upshift Movement is grateful for the support of its founding members who contribute to the movement by supporting the work of the World Upshift Organisation Ltd. 

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Our legacy members 

Master Sha 

 Andrew Stone 

Our founder members

Deepak Chopra

Bill Gladstone

Gayle Gladstone

Dick Gould

Katie Hendricks

Steven and Debbie Machat

Richard Rogers

Rulin Xiu 

Our honorary members

Kurt Johnson

Carita Laszlo

Tammy Scarlett

Jarvis Smith (Co-convenor, Advisory Council)

Our board members

Maria Antinori (Chair)

Roger Casale (CEO) 

Ervin Laszlo (Co-founder)

Gianni Lodi (CFO)

Our partners




World Upshift Organisation Ltd 

The World Upshift Organisation is a not-for-profit company registered in England and Wales 

Company No.: 14552555