One hill at a time on journey towards new global awareness

Maria Antinori is a special educational needs teacher based in Rome, having qualified as a geneticist. She is also Chair of the World Upshift Organisation.

 She has a lifelong interest in health and well-being and is also a counsellor and family constellation practitioner. For many years, Maria ran a medical laboratory before leaving to open one of Rome’s first organic restaurants. She is co-author of a guide to seasonal foraging. 

Her curiosity about the relationship between spirituality and science drew her to the work of Deepak Chopra, Ervin Laszlo, and others. In 2022, Ervin Laszlo invited her to take a leading role in the Upshift Movement. 

Mirela Sula's Global Woman interviewed Maria about the World Upshift Movement.

Read the full interview here

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