Solstice of Peace - celebrating the return of the light

The Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere is traditionally a time for welcoming back the light.

"It is the  the year's midnight", as the poet John Donne wrote in his Nocturnal upon Saint Lucy's Day.

The purpose of the Solstice Peace Project is to use the solstice to prompt linked actions worldwide that encourage peace. 

"We want to ignite the light of peace in the hearts of participants and to encourage the spread of peace at a time of increasing conflict and violence", says Michael Macy,  project coordinator.

World Upshift is partnering with Solstice of Peace to amplify the impact and as part of our Worldwide Meditation for Peace initiative launched in Assisi on 1 December, 2023.

Solstice Peace Meditation in Rome with World Upshift | Click here

As Lady Mohini Kent Noon explains "On 22 December we give thanks, for all the goodness in the world and all the beauty in the world. And there is much goodness and beauty in the world. We focus on World Peace instead of the negative."

Here are three actions that are needed:

These actions  focus only on peace, eschewing politics and the taking of sides.  

 1 To reach out to religious community leaders to ask for their support. To request religious leaders to encourage their congregations to hold services for peace on Dec. 22, 2023.  As it is a Friday, mosques and synagogues will be holding services anyway.  We would encourage the addition of a special Friday service for Christians and the holding of special services in Hindu and Buddhist temples and Sikh gurdwaras. 

 2 To invite communities worldwide to hold an event promoting peace on Dec. 22, the day that heralds the return of the light in the Northern Hemisphere. The event could take be in any form –  a religious service, a concert, a reading, a moment of communal silence,

 3 To encourage people to place a candle in their window to promote peace on the night of Dec. 21-22 as a symbol of the presence of peace and to encourage the promotion of peace.

To find out more and take part, click here | Solstice Peace Project

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