How can we thread ourselves back into web of life?

In this unprecedented time of cumulative multi crisis, how do we create a true leap in the way we are being together and being with our planet.  

Incremental steps along the path we are on will not now be enough.  You see, humanity and the planet are at a crossroads in their relationship. It is the relationship that must be reset first and then together we may find solutions to the way forward. Without that, we may continue repeating the patterns of disconnect within the solutions, and nothing will change.  “True restoration will only come through true connection.” 

Our solutions are often coming from the very thinking, or energy that created the problems, as Einstein and many other great philosophers have warned us not to do.  

Until we as humans can see and perceive that everyone around us, our situations, and our environment—especially nature—are all in relationship with each other and that our thoughts, actions, beliefs, and so forth affect each other, we will remain in a place of disconnect, and we will remain mired in old systems. 

Disconnected people and systems will always create more disconnect. Disconnect has become a wide-spread disease, now wired into how our systems work and how we make decisions or offer solutions. 

Often fuelled by superiority, survival energy, fear, and trauma, we have found ourselves in a world that is orientated around humans being separate entities and not an intrinsic part of the natural systems we need to live in. Separation itself is one of the primary traumas we all face. 

We cannot be well as individuals within an unwell world. Trauma isolates, and when isolated as humanity from the web of life and from each other, it means trauma leads the way, leads the solutions, unconsciously.  We then stay on trauma highways and our solutions are from this unhealthy place. 

Trauma needs to be healed, but never followed.  It isn’t a wise guide and coming from trauma and survival energy will not be transformational.  We need our connected selves to lead the solutions, but many lack the confidence, skills, and even the belief that it is possible.  

While we have movements toward healing both our personal and collective traumas within our physical bodies and our planet, these are seen as separate issues. They are not. The relationship is the core issue; the disconnect is a core collective trauma we must now face together.

We must reverse this process of separating and join ancient and not forgotten movement of connection. This is the sacred act of rethreading and weaving ourselves back into relationship and redefining being human to be an intrinsic part of nature’s flow and apparatus. We are part of the earth’s apparatus for healing.  

In my own awakening journey, I saw that my own my peers'  many years of system change efforts, especially around the environment, did not amount to much. 

We were trying desperately to sort, fix, solve, but we didn’t focus on who we were as humans and how we returned to the natural world within us, that would entirely change the way we approached things. 

I realised that to solve the problem, I needed to radically change the way I approached myself and the systems I was upholding, and build this felt sense, this relationship, this connective tissue back into the web of life, into the flow of life itself and then solution-make. 

It was spear headed by mother earth herself coming to me in a meditation and saying to me – “nothing for me without me, Louise.” 

This began a profound and holy process of reconnecting in my own transformation but also in the work I have had the pleasure of doing with many groups trying to have deep impact on the world. 

Connecting back into this undistorted flow, helps us move with the energy of life itself, which is always trying to heal and live fully. We can enter this flow and we have the magic of the earth herself with us to generate a new world from. 

In this deep journey, I also learned that many wanted to reconnect and feel themselves as part of nature, but many did not know how. 

In my own phenomenological research I learned that trees specifically are very similar to humans and help us, like portals, re-enter the earth and our own bodies as earth, and their bodies as earth.  

My book ReRoot, The Nature of Change through the System of Trees, outlines this process but also provides a journey map for others who have the desire to reconnect and make solutions with the earth, not for the earth.

It outlines around 50 processes as a self and systems journey into your own tree being, your own tree self to energetically join this radical act of reconnection.  

By doing this we can create a global human-tree forest that in itself will help us download new futures from this connective tissue.  

A million people connecting first in this way would make a magnificent difference to how we and our planet can evolve into a more light and love filled place where all beings can thrive.  

 We follow the magnificent flow of the great mother herself.  

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About the author

Louise Marra is a systems healer, author and Tedx speaker. 

Louise works on transforming systems and self from our optimal human, interbeing and connected selves. She helps people re-find themselves as nature, reconnecting back into our rooted and natural selves and from here with our deep connections we truly recreate the world anew.

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