Overcoming segregation to create a culture of peace

The Abrahamic Reunion, founded in 2004, is a bottom-up grassroots organisation designed to overcome the problem of segregation and separation in Israel and Palestine.

It does this by bringing together small to large groups of people from the four major religions to spend time together, work together, study together, and create an atmosphere of trust and understanding. 

The basic premise is that religion has been used to divide people in the Holy Land and it can also be used as a force to bring people together while still respecting divergent points of view and cultures. 

The attempt to bring a political solution without having the support of the people has not worked for 70 years.

The Abrahamic Reunion, recognising this, has removed itself from any political posturing.

It consciously uses the interaction of women, young people, students, and religious leaders to develop a network of understanding and to train people in conflict resolution and interfaith dialogue.

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About the author

Michael Macy is an expert in strategic planning and implementation of successful international communications programmes and former Senior member of the Foreign Service

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