Trailblazers in wiser, more sustainable ways of living

Jarvis Smith and Katie Hill, co-founders of our partner organisation My Green Pod, are on a  mission to make it easier for people who want to embrace a sustainable lifestyle.

Jarvis and Katie meet  personally with the owners of the companies they  work with, believing that ethically products and services can only be produced and supplied with conscious, heartfelt intent.

In an interview with Alyson Goldwyn for the 'Dawn of New Era of Well-Being' Podcast, they share their passion for inspiring people to live differently and to push for ethical alternatives to business as usual.

"We want to help organisations leap frog into a sustainable climate.  We can truly create a better future, but only if we are prepared to move into purpose with no compromise," as Jarvis and Katie explain.

 Listen to the Podcast here |  Interview with Katie Hill and Jarvis Smith

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