Upshifting plastic - from waste into useful and beautiful things

At Save Plastics, packaging, sandwich bags and other used household plastic are given a new life. Where someone else sees waste, we see the most valuable raw material of the 21st century. 

Sustainability is what connects us. We found a new sustainable and circular solution where plastic household waste forms the basis for all the beautiful things we create and manufacture together. 

Plastic is a raw material that is indestructible and therefore very environmentally friendly. It never runs out, it can be reused many times, it costs nothing to extract, it does not harm the earth. And yet it also causes tons of nuisance in the world every year.

Our vision is a circular world, where we use what we already have, where we import less and export less, and where we seek local solutions for local issues. 

We do not see plastic as waste, but as a valuable raw material. A raw material that we use to make sustainable products for the outdoor area. Where possible we share our knowledge and commit ourselves to local initiatives.

We experience the world around us through different glasses. Where others see problems and waste, we look for solutions and see a valuable resource.

We enjoy working with innovative, creative and resourceful contractors, municipalities, artists and architects.  

People who think outside the box and dare to create a new reality themselves. The pioneers of this new world! 

Together we make the difference!

Marlous de Bordes

Marlous is the Director of Save Plastics.  Her role is that of a visionary, she is strategic, develops new ideas and plans and provides the much-needed focus.  She has held managerial positions in healthcare for many years and uses this for Save. Social and Circular must go hand in hand for a better world  She lives in a real plastic house with her husband Bram and 2 kids.

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